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Go Forth on the Never Ending Path

Ransom strives to find the life well led, creating stories along the way to build our legacy. It is while journeying down this path that we look towards reinvention of the traditional to take us further. Our process is fine-tuned through exploration. We test new ground and always prepare for the unexpected, outfitted for any terrain. A traveller who’s routine is finding new ways to join together the urban complex and wild frontier that surrounds us. Find new paths, create the crossroads between them, and reinvent life’s route with each day.

For Autumn / Winter 2016, we decided to focus on the road of reinvention, fresh eyes found us studying Merino Wool taken from the outback of the Southern Hemisphere, a natural fiber that has the ability to withstand any season and adapt, and is now featured in all Ransom insoles.

This season we set forth to create a collection which challenges the past and lays down a stronger foundation for the future. We offer a new silhouette, the Joffre, a modern take on the rugged combat boot, which compliments an already classic line. The Alpine returns in a full Nubuck upper; the Rutherford boasts new colours; the Brohm is featured in a new weather resistant full grain leather; the Garibaldi is updated with an ergonomic heel detail; the Alta remains our staple. 

Go Forth on the Never Ending Path.


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